Candid Moments

Candid Moments

Tyler Curtis began his photography career by founding nightlife and music blog Darkroom Demons with former creative partner Mathew Reeves. Currently Tyler is a commercial and editorial photographer based in Los Angeles. Tyler has worked on campaigns for Nine Inch Nails, Manchester United, Coca-Cola and the 2018 World Cup. We asked Tyler to share with us some of his favorite images for his PROFOLIO…

I was trying to kill some time before an engagement in Tokyo and decided to walk down to the Tokyo Tower, having never been at night. It wasn’t particularly busy and I realized while the standard landscape photos were easily realized that maybe I could do something cooler- I pushed my lens to the glass and carefully rotated my camera with a slow shutter.

This was taken at Trump Room (No relation!) in Shibuya, Tokyo late one night when I gave DNCE a header on a place to go. I arrived later than expected to find they had taken over the spot and Joe Jonas was on the decks. Just one of those special, really intimate nights. Cole looks like he belongs in Japan always so this one has a special place in my heart.

Here is Adam Bravin of LXT and She Wants Revenge for his Love, Ecstasy and Terror promo photos offering the viewer a subtle difference. This is actually two different photos if you look closely- the body language is just different enough to invoke a bit of strangeness.

Evan Rachel Wood before performing in Hollywood. She was also shooting Westworld season 2 when I took this.

Smoke and Heat. I’ve given up on shooting manual thanks to LEDs and the way concert lighting has evolved and rely on Shutter Priority entirely, letting me rip different looks very quickly, especially with a kinetic band like Nine Inch Nails. There’s so much smoke and light that you don’t have time to punch the numbers in and have to be able to trust your instincts as well as the computer in your hand.

Reluctance. I love Patti Smith. She’s one of my favorite all around artists and I’ve been lucky enough to be in her presence a few times, both times in Chicago. I was on assignment doing portraiture for Riot Fest and she came backstage with her daughter and some of our common friends.

First Timers. In 2015 I was fortunate enough to serve alongside President Obama at a private event for the DNC. This is a frame from the first moment Architect Frank Gehry ever met Obama - meaning I actually got something that Souza didn’t. ZING!

Stardust. Music is such an influence on everything I do- Its what fueled my career in the beginning and will always serve as inspiration. After Bowie died, I collaborated with a brand in LA to do a Ziggy Stardust themed shoot and really felt the need to go all out. This is a fond tribute I did for one of my heroes.

Glory be to God. Romelu Lukaku signs to Manchester United for £97M. Aon took me on as their tour documentarian for 6 years with Manchester United’s pre-season tour and last year the club hired me directly to help conceptualize and photograph their biggest signing of the decade.


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