Blue Herbarium

Blue Herbarium

Aline Heau is a French photographer and web designer. She has been interested in photography for many years. She started out utilizing digital, then moved on to analog and now alternative processes. She currently lives in Paris and part-time in Beaugency, in the Loire Valley.

Her passion for the last four years has been experimenting with cyanotypes on glass plates. She states about her process, “When I found the beauty of Prussian blue in a ray of light, I immediately knew that I had to go further in this process…

I had a bit of experience with silver photography practice, but none with alternative processes when I started cyanotype on the glass. Luckily I could find a lot of useful information in old french books from the 19th or early 20th century and around a still growing community of passionate photographers around the world.”

The title of her project is “Blue Herbarium.” She states that it is a “way to connect classical botanic photograms with this technique.” Pictured below are behind the scenes photos of her process and the results.

Daucus Carota

Behind the scenes - Collecting Plants

Behind the scenes - Plants are put in a press to let them dry


Behind the scenes - Herbarium press

Behind the scenes - Pouring the cyanotype and gelatin mix on the plate


Behind the scenes - Exposure in an antic contact print frame

Behind the scenes - Plate results

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