Astrid Schulz: Moving Portraits

Astrid Schulz: Moving Portraits

This week, COOPH highlights “Moving Portraits” by Astrid Schulz.

Astrid Susanna Schulz is a photographer based in Bremen, Germany. Throughout the year 2020, Astrid did a series of portraits titled “Moving Portraits.” The images express a feeling of dislocation through the interplay of extended exposures (1-2 seconds) and flash. She states, “Instead of an exact replica of the face, various emotions become visible.” Each portrait reflects the mired of ups and downs that people felt due to Covid-19 and how it created contradictory feelings.

In 2021 Astrid won the National Award Germany of the Sony World Photography Award.

Moving Portrait: Gina

Moving Portrait: Britta

Moving Portrait: Meera

Moving Portrait: Sergej

Moving Portrait: Britta

Moving Portrait: Amadou

Moving Portrait: Johanna

Moving Portrait: Neele

Moving Portrait: Franzi

Check out Astrid's website. Follow her on Instagram.