An Encounter, a Work

An Encounter, a Work

10 Corso Como New York, brings together the idea of culture and commerce. The space itself blends fashion, food, art, music, design and lifestyle. Currently the gallery, within 10 Corso Como, is exhibiting a series of photographs taken by the Swiss photographer: Jean Clemmer. The images depict the notorious Salvador Dali, in a collaboration with Jean, creating tableaux vivants (living pictures). Dali’s vision, combined with Jean’s photography is both surreal, mythological, and dream like in nature. In addition, the series includes behind the scenes photos of Jean and Dali working together on the film, “Le Divin Dali.” Unfortunately the film was never released, as it was destroyed in a fire shortly after production.


L'Atome, 1962 

Dali et Clemmer, 1962 


Le Clown, 1962 


Le Divin Dali, 1964 


Tete d'ange, 1967


Metamorphose, Coup d'ceil eternel, 1983

The exhibition shows through February 3, 2019. Check out more information on the 10 Corso Como Gallery website.