Abstracts, Aerials & Minimals

Abstracts, Aerials & Minimals

Kai Hornung is a photographer from Hanover, Germany. The series titled "Abstracts, Aerials, and Minimals" exhibits a very focused result in exposing nature's minimalist beauty. Every moment is captured in the small details that make up life itself. The photographs are often intimate and carry a strong sense of conveyed stillness. This unique quality in his work creates a new visual way of understanding landscape photography.

Kai states, "Those are the moments that require more of me as a photographer. I need to see and find it when an image calls out to me."

Kai won Photograph of the year (2020) in the "International Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards" and the Shortlist Sony World Photo Awards.

Blue Cracks



Dark Green and White






Life Streams



Ocean to Soil and Back



Pastel Trees



River Curtain



The Puzzle


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