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Photographer Flatcap

Pack For Sunshine

by Mühlbauer

Elements Hat

Stay Warm, Look Good

by Mühlbauer
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Photographer Hat

Stay Cool, Wherever

by Mühlbauer

Summer Hat

Feel Cool, Stay Focused

by Mühlbauer

Head First

Over the years COOPH has come up with many creative ways to enhance the photographer’s shooting experience. One of the simplest and most logical approaches is protecting the photographer’s most valuable possession. You might think it’s your camera, but we had your head in mind. In close collaboration with the distinguished hat makers of Mühlbauer, we have designed a collection of hand-made hats, that you can order tailor-made. Combining contemporary yet timeless style with outstanding functionality the COOPH hat and cap collection will help you keep a cool head in summer and keep your brain from freezing in winter. With additional photo-friendly features like enhanced flexibility or sweat protection the COOPH hats and caps make sure that nothing will get in the way of getting the perfect shot.

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