VISUAL Q&A:  Ben Webster

VISUAL Q&A: Ben Webster

Ben Webster is a London street photographer. Ben states about his work, “My style resembles reportage aesthetics following film-like tones and colour palettes. This is something that has been developed and improved upon over hundreds of thousands of images and many years of experience. Street photography to me, as quoted by others before, is an art of observation. Observing in a way others don't is as addicting as it is relieving - a true moment to get lost in the moment.”

We asked Ben some questions, questions that could only be answered with images…

Who are you?

Why photography?

What is your trademark photographic style?
What truly inspires you?
Where do you go when you close your eyes?
Where is home for you?
How would you describe your lifestyle?
What makes a great shot?
How do you view the world?
What is an important lesson you have learned?
Make sure to check  Ben's Website & Instagram.

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