PROFOLIO: Alexis Pichot

PROFOLIO: Alexis Pichot

Alexis worked as an interior designer in Paris for over ten years. In 2011 Alexis made the bold decision to change his life and follow his passion, photography. His background in interior design created a sensitivity to his approach to volume in photography.

He states, “At night, light and space are my sources of inspiration, experimentation, and confrontation - but above all, of fulfillment. I pierce the night using physical movement, as well as using light to see beyond what is visible, to a place where the blackness has not yet absorbed everything.”

Through architecture and history, Alexis’s work investigates the nocturnal nature of cities. For Alexis, Nature has “become my resource of regeneration.”

We asked Alexis to walk us through some of his most incredible shots…

1/ Parisian Revolution: the bench

This is one of the first images I have created that gave me confidence in diving into photography. This series is about my inner finer doing its revolution from my passion of interior design to photography.

2/ Turkey: Cappadocia

I have discovered here what it is to be in front of one of the realms of nature. It is a place where I have felt so grateful to be able to just be.

3/ Into the Night

This place used to be the graffiti cathedral of Paris, with outstanding volumes of creativity. I used fireworks to recall the dreamlike imagination of these lights and the brutality of the building. Some of my images are linked to a song on “Into the Night” from Nicolas Jaar.

4/ Marche Céleste #2

One winter night at -10 degrees, a shrub caught in the ice of a pond. A frightening (fear of walking on the ice) and magical scenery (the vision I had, the final image) were in front of me.

5/ Armées Lumières : Mirage IV

A military graveyard in the center of France. I like to shoot during winter as there is more humidity in the air, and my light gets more density. I wanted to use them and cut out the shape of this giant skeleton of Mirage IV.

6/ Séléné: #12

Looking at this image reminds me of the excitement I have when I photograph and especially the magic that emerges from waiting to see, appear on the screen of the camera the photo that I composed during a long-time exposure, here of 10 minutes.

7/ Patrimoine enchanté (Enchanted heritage)

This image has been created with one single led light. During the long-time exposure, I placed the led stick on the first left spot; I lit it for 3 seconds and off. Then I move the light and repeat the process to create the 13 other light structures.

8/ Jungle #9050

A memorable night into the Hong Kong jungle. This photo reminds me of the “floating world images” of the Japanese prints.

9/ Light and Paper #4

More obviously, this image shows the combination of doing a live performance and being a photographer. I set up my frame with my camera on a tripod, then open the shutter for a long-time exposure. I place myself in front of the camera during this shot, holding my led bar; I light it and then create the drawing.

Check out Alexis's website or follow him on social media. 

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