We have nothing but admiration for all the amazing creative work that photographers are producing all over the world. In our exhibition reviews and our profolios of international photographers we shine a light on the work of some of the most gifted artist.


Through the Lens: Paolo Emanuele Barretta's Path from Analog Beginnings to International Recognition
Paolo Emanuele Barretta, born in 1994, began his photographic journey with analog photography in high school. After furthering his studies in photography, editing, and communication, he participated in Sky Arte's Master of Photography in 2018, engaging with renowned photographers.  Barretta's...
Ambassador of Light: Kenneth Hines, Jr.'s Photographic Odyssey

Kenneth "Professor" Hines, Jr. is a versatile photographer based in New York City, renowned for his expertise across multiple disciplines. As an Ambassador for ZEISS Camera Lenses, his work embodies precision and clarity. Hines is also an Adobe Lightroom instructor and a speaker at Adobe MAX.

“Capture the feeling of anticipation” – Surf photographer Ross Taylor
Although he is a late-comer to the world of photography, Cornwall-based British photographer Ross Taylor has a natural talent for capturing moments. So much so that he took home the Lifestyle by COOPH award at the 2023 Winner Award Ceremony for his shot of the season opening in Morocco. Read about Taylor’s journey and what he looks for in his photography.
Chien: Crafting Cinematic Visual Stories COOPH Profolio
Since 2018, Chien has been weaving their passion for photography into captivating cinematic narratives. Based in Germany, their portfolio stands as a testament to their unique approach to the art form.
Re.naˈser: The Photos of Carla DLM

In the heart of New York City, Carla DLM emerges as a distinctive force, navigating the city's chaos to distill its essence through her lens. Beyond the conventional boundaries of photography, Carla's work becomes a narrative, unraveling stories woven into the fabric of urban life.

Thomas Havlik's High Contrast Portraits: A Cinematic Journey Through the Lens
Meet Thomas Havlik, an Italian photographer with Czech roots, weaving his narrative magic in the world of fashion photography for the past five years.
Nature's Maestro: Eisa Winner Magnus Berggren's Wildlife Odyssey
In the serene landscapes of northern Sweden, Magnus Berggren weaves a visual tale of avian elegance through his lens. Born 1986 in Gällivare, Magnus has been entwined with the realm of art since his early years, eventually finding his true calling in nature and wildlife photography.
Master of the Frame: Santiago Traverso's Profound Photography PROFOLIO
Within the dynamic landscape of Florida's photography community, a 23-year-old visionary, Santiago Traverso, emerges as an artist who skillfully intertwines narratives of solitude and love through his photographic lens. Originally hailing from Lima, Peru, Santiago's journey into photography was an unexpected twist of fate sparked by his venture into clothing design.
Discovering Life's Unique Perspectives Through the Lens of Moises Levy
Embark on a visual journey with Moises Levy, a distinguished architect and photographer in Mexico City. Moises seamlessly blends his architectural background with a keen eye for photography, capturing life's essence through a unique lens.
Revealing the Soul of New York City: Phil Penman's Captivating Street Photography

Phil Penman, a British-born photographer based in New York City, has spent over 25 years documenting the ever-evolving scenes of the city's streets. His notable career as a news and magazine photographer has graced the pages of esteemed publications such as The Guardian, The Independent, and The New York Review of Books. Through his lens, he has captured prominent public figures and witnessed historical events, establishing himself as a respected name in the industry.

Embracing Simplicity: Ashraful Arefin's Fine Art Photography Tale
In the realm of fine art photography, Ashraful Arefin, hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh, has a unique gift for transforming everyday moments into extraordinary art. Born on May 3rd, his photographic journey began in 2013 with a 365-day project that ignited a deep passion for photography.
The Art of Storytelling: Joshua Singh
Meet Joshua Singh, a San Francisco-based photographer whose lens transforms urban life into captivating narratives. With a focus on street, portrait, and surreal photography, Singh's work captures both the beauty of cityscapes and the emotions of their inhabitants.
From Blueprint to Shutter: Nat Kaspar's Dual Passion for Architecture and Photography
Meet Nat Kaspar, a talented architect living and working in the bustling metropolis of New York City. Beyond her professional pursuits, Nat has nurtured a deep-rooted love for travel, photography, and ink drawing.
A Symphony of Visual Stories: Exploring Pop Culture and Cityscapes through Aaron Cohen's Lens
Aaron Cohen, a self-taught photographer born and raised in New York City, weaves captivating visual stories. Starting as a graffiti artist, his love for pop art and bold colors shines through his vivid imagery. 
Through the Eyes of a Visionary: Gonzalo Javier Santile's Artistic Exploration in Photography
In the vast expanse of the night sky, one photographer, Gonzalo Javier Santile, has found his true calling, transforming his passion for wide-field astro landscape photography into a remarkable journey of recognition and acclaim.
Capturing The Essence Of Surf Photography: Insights From An Ocean Documentarian
In our exclusive interview with surf photographer Phillip Hernandez, he shares his journey from urban landscapes to capturing the beauty and action of surfing. Hernandez parallels his former fine-art work in Washington, D.C., and his current passion for ocean scapes. 
Unveiling the Artistic Journey of David Cortes: Capturing the Essence of Surfing
This collection has afforded him the invaluable gift of time – time to fully immerse himself in the unfolding narratives, delve deeper into the souls of his subjects, and artfully convey their unique stories through his lens.
Pushing the Boundaries of Fashion Photography with Matus Toth’s Avant-Garde Vision
In a world where so much of our lives are lived online, Toth's work reminds us of the power of art to connect us to the world around us.
‘Planet COOPH’ by Bjarne Hauschildt
At COOPH we love to see the work of up-and-coming artists.
A Journey through the Lens: The Storytelling Artistry of Justin Wirtalla

Embark on an adventure through the eyes of a celebrated photographer and filmmaker, capturing the wonders of life on the open road. Justin Wirtalla is an eminent cinematographer and published photographer from the awe-inspiring Northwestern Montana. After nearly twenty years of perfecting his craft, he has cultivated an ardor for narrative through his chosen medium.

Project: Luke Jackson Clark
Luke’s photography is breathtaking. His images capture the beauty of the world and the essence of the cultures he encounters. Each photo is carefully composed and edited, showcasing the world in a way that leaves the viewer in awe. Through his work, Luke hopes to inspire others to explore the world and learn what it offers.

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