COOPH Masters

These guys love to shoot

Photographer / Master
Craig Semetko

Craig Semetko is based out of Los Angeles, California in the USA and is known for his wildly authentic style and commitment to showcasing real moments involving real people. As a long-time teacher at the Leica Akademie, we're extrmely proud to welcome Craig as a COOPH Master!


Lorenz Holder is an action sports photographer based out of Munich, Germany. Able to evoke emotion through his photographs like no other, especially in the action sports genre, Holder's style could be considered signature. His perfect image combines the clean lines of an architecture or landscape photo with the explosion of action an athlete gives.

Photographer / Master
Markus Berger

With his images the Austrian commercial sports photographer Markus Berger is looking to capture the true essence of a single moment. On his search for authenticity, he approaches every shoot as a new, exciting challenge. Coming from a professional sports background, he is able to personally connect to the people behind the picture, allowing him to tell their stories in a unique way.


It's safe to say Greg Gorman has been part of the photography world for very long, shooting a Jimi Hendrix concert back in 1968. The resulting photo got him hooked and ever since, he's been wowing the world with his spectacular black and white photography, playing with highlights and shadows to paint an intricate picture.