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Autumn Essentials

The Ultimate Autumn Essentials

Our Ultimate Autumn Essentials have been hand selected for you!
For we know what you need to enhance your craft. From shutterbug to photographer pro, we've got you covered.

Heatable Photo Vest
Made for Photographers

Get ready to conquer autumn's chilly embrace with our Heatable Photo Vest! As the leaves fall and early morning shoots beckon, staying warm while capturing the perfect shot is an art we've mastered. Embrace the season with confidence, thanks to our smartphone-controlled heating system that lets you customize your comfort level on-the-go. This lightweight, reversible vest boasts ample pockets for all your photography essentials, making it your ideal companion for an autumn full of unforgettable captures. Don't let the cold cramp your style – elevate your photography game this season with the Heatable Photo Vest

EDC Beanies
Match Every outfit

Designed for photographers by photographers, these beanies are the ultimate fusion of style and functionality. With five distinct colors, including a clean look that ensures you're always ready to capture the perfect shot, our beanies are your ideal companions for autumn shoots and beyond. Crafted with 50% wool in Germany, they keep you warm during chilly sessions while remaining breathable for those moments when you want to rock some beanie style. Make a statement, stay comfortable, and embrace a new level of photographic passion with the COOPH EDC Beanie

Scarves for Photographers
More Than Meets the Eye

These scarves defy convention with style and functionality. Beyond their fashionable appearance and cozy warmth, our exclusive COOPH Scarves feature a lens cleaning patch. Whether you're out shooting in the cold or braving the wind, rest assured that you can keep your lens pristine on the go.

Stay Warm, Look Great
Stay Warm, Look great!

Stay Warm, look great with the Elements Hat by Mühlbauer. This hat isn't just about comfort and style; it's a true game-changer. Handcrafted with Merino wool, it's your perfect companion for winter shoots, offering extra warmth and versatility. The flexible brim ensures unrestricted camera movement for vertical shots, while the wide sweatband keeps you dry and irritation-free. Crafted with premium quality in the heart of Vienna, you can even order your hat 'tailor-made' for that perfect fit."


Autumn Essentials

Our Essentials Unveiled

Roam Hoodies

A Photographer's wardrobe must-have. In every photographer's collection, a hoodie reigns supreme, and when it's the COOPH ROAM Hoodie, you've found your ultimate essential. Packed with all the features you need, it goes beyond comfort to become a constant companion, from your busiest shoot days to your most adventurous travel days, or simply as you go about the day. This hoodie's unisex design ensures it's a versatile piece for all. Say hello to your new definition of comfort and style.

ROAM Sweaters
Essential Attire

Make your wardrobe as versatile as your creativity, and our ROAM sweater sets you right there. Crafted from 100% organic cotton, they offer a splendidly soft feel. With their timeless style and elegant cut, these sweaters effortlessly complement your every endeavour, whether it's a shoot, a adventure sports editing session, or a globetrotting adventure. The ROAM Sweater is the perfect companion for photographers who crave comfort and style in equal measure. From the click of the shutter to the final edit, the ROAM Sweaters ensure you're dressed for success as you capture life's unforgettable moments that make photography so deeply rewarding.

Hoodie Original Raglan
Shoot practically

These Hoodies are your ultimate choice for shooting sessions and travel escapades, thoughtfully designed with photographers in mind. They boast a timeless style and a tailored cut that caters to your specific needs. Packed with features and crafted for exceptional softness, they are your go-to gear for shooting in ultimate comfort, wherever your photography journey takes you.


With our wide collection of durable, high-quality camera straps, we wanted to present photographers with a cool way of carrying their most beloved item comfortably, safely and in unique style.

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