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HelioFlex Backpack - Base

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HelioFlex - Solar Front Bag

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HelioFlex - Camera Cube Bag

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HelioFlex - Tablet Front Bag

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HelioFlex Backpack

Modular, sustainable and with a solar option – COOPH’s first backpack moves modern, digital lives. There is one HelioFlex Backpack Base, and three bags; the Solar Front Bag, the Tablet Front Bag and the Camera Cube Bag. All three bags come with their own straps and can be used independently from the base unit, but also attach to the front.

The HelioFlex Base

The HelioFlex Backpack - Base is just that, the essential base unit which works perfectly on its own. 15 liters, ingenious pockets and the option to add any accessories in the future. The HelioFlex Backpack - Base is the most accessible, budget-friendly version of the backpack.

HelioFlex Solar Front Bag

The Solar Front Bag helps you charge your devices or keep them going for longer. We partnered with SUNNYBAG for the solar module, included is a USB-C cable which shows exactly how much power is being generated.

HelioFlex Camera Cube Bag

The Camera Cube Bag keeps your most valuable possessions safe. You can fit a DSLR, mirrorless or film camera easily with a couple of lenses with plenty of room for accessories, pockets and SD cards and room for extra films. You can also take your GoPro or drone in the Camera Cube Bag safely. The adjustable internal dividers mean organising your camera and lenses is both easy and secure.

HelioFlex Tablet Front Bag

Tablet Front Bag is the next level of messenger bag. Keep all of your EDC organized in a stylish and compact module which fits with the HelioFlex base for even more utility.

The HelioFlex Ultimate Bundle

The Ultimate Bundle is the best setup for the modern digital nomad. The HelioFlex Base Unit, the Solar Front Bag and the Camera Cube Bag.
With this setup you can charge your devices, capture modern life and stay on the move. The Camera Cube fits outside the base with FIDLOCK buckles and counter-arranged hooks or inside its special compartment, where it can be directly accessed from a side pocket. The Camera Cube comfortably fits modern DSLR or mirrorless cameras, and extra lenses. The Solar Front Bag attaches seamlessly to the front so you can keep your devices going for longer.

Move Your Digital Life
HelioFlex Backpack - The Ultimate Bundle
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