Heatable Photo Vest THERM-IC Bundle


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Lightweight, heatable, smart: The complete reinvention of the classic photo vest.

The Heatable Photo Vest is COOPH’s solution to shooting in challenging environments. Made in Poland, its lightweight build and reversible padded design is complete with plenty of storage compartments and smartphone controlled built-in heating. Wear it on top of a t-shirt, shirt or hoodie, or under your jacket; the choice is yours!

THERM-IC Heating System

  • warms hand pockets and covers the kidney, back and stomach areas
  • compatible with any rechargeable 5V power bank, with USB port (for basic usage without smartphone app)
  • by adding the THERM-IC bluetooth dongle, you can connect to the smartphone app to control the temperature as you wish
  • the motion control mode heats more when you’re static and less when you’re on the move
  • the eco mode provides a constant level of heating
  • approximately five hours runtime with our THERM-IC 5200 mAh battery
  • CE approved high quality by THERM-IC

Special features

  • reversible design for fresh, all-season look
  • plenty of storage options
  • easy to fold & carry
  • USB port in front pocket


  • mini rip-stop fabric
  • sheep wool insulation

Care Instructions

  • Machine wash cold 30°
  • Important: the USB cap must be applied before washing

Bundle includes

  • COOPH Heatable Photo Vest (Black/Anthracite)
  • THERM-IC 5200 mAh battery
  • THERM-IC bluetooth cable / dongle

Download the THERM-IC Heat Control app free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.